Optimization models and methods for challenging energy problems (OMCEP24)
November 5-10, 2024
Centre "Ettore Majorana" for Scientific Culture - Erice, Italy

The energy sector is undergoing major transformations with the ever-increasing quantities of renewable electricity generation, the central role of markets, and the policies for reducing GH emissions. These transformations have shifted much of the decision-making from centralized planners to an increasing number of entities, both large and small, including market operators, private generation companies, transmission system operators, distribution-level aggregators, and prosumers.

Participants attending this course will learn how to identify and formulate different optimization problems for optimal design, operation and control of electric energy systems. The course will also cover efficient solution algorithms for these problems.

The industrial perspective will be taken into account through hands-on experience with practical applications of optimization.

Mini-courses will cover the following topics/keywords
Mathematical programming
Bilevel optimization
Large scale optimization
Multi-Leader-Follower games
Energy storage
Energy and carbon markets
Unit-Commitment and Generation Expansion Planning
Power grids
District heating
Renewable generation
Electric vehicles charging infrastructure
Pricing, Demand side management
Demand-side management
Simulation/optimization of electricity system
Mean-field techniques

Contacts : Didier Aussel : Luce Brotcorne :